About us

Neon Sign Ltd. was founded in 1994 with the aim of filling the market gap of high-quality visual communication tools in Hungary.

We started to organize the labour processes in a 80 sqm working area in the basement of a business building with custom-designed unique products on individual demands. After including series production in our activities, our manufacturing plant grew constantly, first with a metalwork division later with a neon workshop. In the late 90’s its area reached 500 sqm.

To fullfill the increasing demand for the enlargement of our production capacity, we moved to a new, own industrial park in 1998 and continued the production in cutting-edge technology workshops and modern offices at 1500 sqm. Thanks to our flexibility in managing the often changing requests of our clients, the number of orders have been increasing dynamically. We enthusiastically upscaled both our staff and our production facilities. The metalwork division was upgraded and our first 4c printer was put into operation.

At the doorstep of the new millenium, new roads opened up in the life of our company: we entered the international market. In 1999 we started the production and construction of advertising tools for the profile change of Opel showrooms as the Europe-wide deliverer. Subsequently, we produced and exported advertising tools to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France on comission of the General Motors Europe.

In September 2006 our company built a new building in the Dunakeszi Industrial Park on a greenfield site. Since then, our products are manufactured in a 3000 sqm professional production hall by nearly 50 specialists.  We provide extended capacity, state-of-the-art machinery and short delivery times to our customers.

Our clientele consists mainly of returning customers who expect the working speed and flexibility they are accustomed to and are open to the application of the most up-to-date materials and technologies. To live up to these expectations, know-how of cutting-edge technologies and nonstop innovation are indispensable.

We were among the first companies who tested and applied the more and more popular LED lighting tools. Because of their optimal features we often recommend them to our customers. We also offer payback calculations to help our clients making the right decisions.

Recently, a new demand was defined regarding our activities both from the side of our customers and ourselves: the application of ecofriendly solutions while keeping the same quality. Today eco-consciousness and sustainable development play an important role both in the everyday-life and the longterm strategy of a responsably thinking company.

In 2014, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the foundation of our company. With all the professional experience of this long period and a young, dynamic team we proudly and confidently look forward to the challenges of the future.

We hope to greet you among our satisfied Clients soon!

Péter Csanaky
Managing Director